Lack of continuous pedestrian paths with rampant traffic obstruction. The  lack of greenery & seating areas, insufficient or inappropriate lights and pollution are major issues.

ISD area size
Section A– Masjid India 50 ha
Section B– Bukit Nanas 30 ha
Section C– Dataran Merdeka 30 ha
Section D– Old City Centre 17 ha
Section E– Chinatown 50 ha
Section F– Botanic Garden 42 ha

Study Area comprises 219 hectares and traces an approximate perimeter of one-kilometre radius around Masjid Jamek, the symbolic centre of Kuala Lumpur. The study area was divided into six main sections. These sections have distinct characteristics and structure. The sections’ perimeters are formed by natural features (river), legacy borders* and major modern roadways.

ratings legend
Sample of ratings chart, according to conditions, colour-coded from active warm to cool subtle. 28 items in total.

Section Findings 18 rating maps were produced for each section, specific findings and suggestions for improvement were then noted with photo evidence. The interpretation of the rating maps were group into five responses: Pedestrian, Furnishing, Transit, Vehicular, & Signage. The findings and suggestions are overwhelming to highlight, however they are available for download, either by section or as a complete report.

Download each Section here Publication & Download

Methodology and Parameter Checklist “Assessment Criteria” were worked out between Think City & Studio 25. The survey process employed sight and estimation, and the use photographic evidence. The streetscapes were broken up to segments, where ratings were given to four generalised categories: Path, Street Furniture, Transit & Behavioural. A Summary of all sections with summarised findings are included in this website.

Detail: number of Vehicular Lanes & Direction rating map

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