Closing Statement Kuala Lumpur at the time of this report is undergoing significant development with a number of projects in place such as the upgrade to streetscape infrastructure, development of a riverfront and the establishment of a new central park.





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Think City Sdn. Bhd.

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Uppercase, APW Bangsar
Marin Bikes California/ Malaysia

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Studio 25 Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
Base Studio 25/ Uppercase, APW Bangsar

Throughout the survey period, it has been observed that the data collected would be rated differently if collected now. Some parts of the streetscapes have changed dramatically and will continue to do so, but nonetheless this report represents a snapshot of the city as it goes through its transitional changes.

There are more than 15 recommended strategies proposed, mostly conceptual with a need for further feasibility studies, but there is no singular solution to address the issues the city faces. Instead a clearer vision on equal access and equity to space is needed.

We have tried our best to present the data as accurate and clearly as possible, with the intention to complement existing projects and infrastructure. Through the assistance & guidance of Think City and examples of best practices, we hope this report will be useful to the future plans and aspirations of Kuala Lumpur and its people.

Jeffrey Lim
Project Coordinator of Project ISD
Studio 25

30 August 2016



Jeffrey Lim Project Coordinator
Currently the principal designer of Studio 25, based in Kuala Lumpur. Comes from a background in communication design whose work explores a form of photography, urban surveying, and social mapping projects.

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Leong Yew Weng QGIS Technician & Project Researcher
Prior to becoming a designer, Yew Weng was a pastry chef in Dubai. He graduated with a diploma in architecture from Alfa International College in 2016. This project is his foray into urbanism.

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