Opportunity Spaces

inner city overlooked matured-green pockets

Green areas, under-used / dilapidated buildings, public & private schools & institutions, high-volume waste / street vendors areas have been identified during the survey.

Dilapidated Areas
The red points denote observed locations of under-used / dilapidated buildings. There are other potential areas and spaces, but due to the limited resources, duration and scope of the project, these areas could not be explored fully.

Green Areas
Green points ranging from light to dark green with darker green colours indicating established parks / green areas whilst lighter green indicates potential green nodes that need further study / development in terms of programs. Medium green points are indicative of promising Crossing Plazas / Green Nodes or the development of both within the same points; such as those points at the intersections around Jalan Raja, Puduraya and Taman Monolith Petronas.



Map Legend
Potential green nodes existing areas that have mature trees and urban landscape.
Potential Crossing Plazas / Green Nodes or both existing areas that have mature trees and urban landscape that have potential of being Crossing Plazas.
Established parks/ green areas existing areas that are established parks that have been overlooked.
Under-used/ dilapidated building potential opportunity spaces for Strategies; Repurpose Space pg 239.
Public / private schools & institutions locations of institutions for Strategies; Institutional Nodes pg 247.
High-volume waste areas / street vendors locations of opportunity spaces for Strategies; Waste Management pg 247, Time / Area Specific pg 242, Cultural Integrity pg 238, Back Alley pg 235.


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Cultural Integrity
Repurpose Space
Building Bridges
Time / Area Specific
Pedestrian Corridor
Cycling Corridor & Network
Institutional Nodes
Buffer Area / Node
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Pollution Control
Urban Biodiversity
Low-Hanging Opportunities
Opportunity Spaces