Repurpose Space

/ Visionary / Transitional / Temporary


Occupy under-utilised and / or disused buildings and spaces to fulfill a civic function to directly address the current urban and social needs or issues (*Cultural Integrity). Initiate permanent or temporary adaptive reuse projects – these spaces can be converted via a non- commercial agenda to support NGO & NPO efforts in the city. Landowners can offset fines and / or building assessments by providing access and permission to the adapted usage.

Tangible Objectives
– Welfare Front and Organisational Centres

– Project & Community Spaces
– Support civic functions; education/health/ housing/ income/ welfare
– Function as an *Institutional Node
– Repurpose dilapidated buildings and reactivate dead spaces

Policy, Program & Campaign
– Ad-hoc clinics, scheduled treatment, screening, talks, counselling
– Skills Labs & Workshops, re-training centres
– Provision of shelter and/ or interim settlement for the transients


Best Practices (Local)
N. Jasme, M.A. Othuman Mydin and N. Md. Sani. Investigation of Adaptive Reuse of Heritage Buildings in Penang. 2014.
– Penang State Museum; formerly a school built in 1906
– Batik Painting Museum; formerly an Early Straits Eclectic style building built between 1890-1910; refurbished & reopened October 2013
– The Camera Museum; formerly a Southern Chinese Straits Eclectic style building; currently used as a cafe/ vintage camera museum

Best Practices (International)
Allman, Jeff and Northcountry Cooperative Foundation
Too Good to Throw Away: The Adaptive Reuse of Underused Buildings. 2011.
– Tate Museum of Modern Art, London; formerly Bankside Power Plant – opened in 1947 to 1981; reopened in 2001
– Cooperative housing in NYC


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Repurpose Space
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