Time / Area Specific

/ Temporary



Re-gazette current areas and introduce time zones to alleviate the encroachment issue on roads and pedestrian paths. These efforts will result in smoother traffic flow, as well as improve *Walkability and protect pedestrians from vehicles.

Tangible Objectives
Modular Parking Spaces
Designated Time Zone areas
Designated Time Zone areas
Traffic Warden

Policy, Program & Campaign
Lead by example by Government Officials, Enforcers
Centralised delivery spaces for HGV for Commercial Areas
Redesigned shared, modular parkings for motorcycles and cars
Designated vehicular parking time and specific areas


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Complete list of strategies
Back Alley
Cultural Integrity
Repurpose Space
Building Bridges
Time / Area Specific
Pedestrian Corridor
Cycling Corridor & Network
Institutional Nodes
Buffer Area / Node
Waste Management
Pollution Control
Urban Biodiversity
Low-Hanging Opportunities
Opportunity Spaces