Pedestrian Corridor

/ Visionary / Transitional


Create a seamless connecting path, mainly for pedestrian and accessible to wheelchair and non-motorised vehicles, e.g. bicycles. Initiate a *Pedestrian Corridor with access to *Nodes and Plazas, *Buffer Areas, and supported or intertwined with *Back Alleys that prioritises Active Mobility over Passive Mobility. Enhance the desired lines into Universal Access Standard pathways.


Tangible Objectives
Seamless and barrier-free corridor
Interconnecting sections of the City
Walking Map for Kuala Lumpur

Policy, Program & Campaign
Reconnecting Jalan Bunus, for example Walking KL
Standardised Signages
Walking Counter



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Complete list of strategies
Back Alley
Cultural Integrity
Repurpose Space
Building Bridges
Time / Area Specific
Pedestrian Corridor
Cycling Corridor & Network
Institutional Nodes
Buffer Area / Node
Waste Management
Pollution Control
Urban Biodiversity
Low-Hanging Opportunities
Opportunity Spaces