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Institutional Nodes > Schools. Identify Schools (Other High Priority Area) as a case study to alleviate the traffic and safety issues. There are six schools within the study area that contribute to traffic congestions during specific times. Create a prioritised pick-up & drop-off zone for school buses and licensed vans directly in front of school entrances via a driveway that is accessible to private motorcycle for pick-ups and drop-offs only. Private vehicles are directed to specific pick- up and drop-off zones serviced by safe passageways to and from school.

Tangible Objectives
Safe passageways to pick-up and drop- off zones
Designated pick-up and drop-off points
Traffic wardens at driveways

Policy, Program & Campaign
Encourage the use of school buses and public transportation
Increase the safety perception with safe passageway to/ from school
Divert Private Vehicles pick-up and drop-off away from concentrated areas

Institutional Node/ School
Improve Your School Arrival and Departure Procedures. A Toolkit for School Safety Committees. Accessed August 2016.


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