Cycling Corridor & Network

/ Visionary / Transitional


Initiate a network of Cycling Corridors from the suburbs around the city, with circular loops within city limits connecting to *Pedestrianised Areas, *Nodes and other *Corridors. Transition into an Active Mobility model for the Central Business District. Six key entry points have been identified, with four additional riverway routes.

Tangible Objectives
Cycling Corridors into the city as an alternative mode of transport
Linking the Corridors with inner city loops to create ring connections
Cycling Hubs at main public transit points for mix transportation

Policy, Program & Campaign
Initiate a National Cycling Plan
SPAD Transportation Policy, inclusion of bicycle
Bike Sharing Schemes
Network of Cycling routes throughout the city


Best Practices (International)
Accessed August 2016. Link status disconnected 2017.

Cycling Study (Regional/ Asia)
Geetam, Arora and Jain. Bicycling in Asia. 2008. in particular in Singapore, Bangladesh & India.

Development Stages of Cycling (Regional/ Taiwan)
Hsin-Wen, Chang. 
A strategic study of bicycle tourism in Taiwan. 2003.

Development Stages of Cycling (Melbourne) vanilla_content/ les/B18%20BF2014_Developing%20 strategic%20cycling%20corridors%20in%20 inner%20Melbourne_Adrian%20George.pdf

Development Stages of Cycling (London) uploads/attachment_data/ le/229473/briefing- governments-ambition-cycling.pdf uploads/attachment_data/ le/9179/shared-use- routes-for-pedestrians-and-cyclists.pdf


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Complete list of strategies
Back Alley
Cultural Integrity
Repurpose Space
Building Bridges
Time / Area Specific
Pedestrian Corridor
Cycling Corridor & Network
Institutional Nodes
Buffer Area / Node
Waste Management
Pollution Control
Urban Biodiversity
Low-Hanging Opportunities
Opportunity Spaces